Jack – Part 2 (115 Photos)

5 thoughts on “Jack – Part 2 (115 Photos)

  1. Hi , I really like your site, I’ve been following your page since 2016.

    I just created a blog and would like to know if you have how to spread the link please. My brother had a blog that you posted, it was the fantastic boyblog. He canceled because he moved to Canada.

    I also wanted to ask if you let me use some images from your site on my page, okay?

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    • Hi Saymon, good blog. I linked your blog in my friends list.

      Yes, sure, you can use all the images here on your blog even without reference. I hate copyright.

      WordPress.com deletes BL blogs as soon as they are reported. I can help you have your own self-hosted blog if you’re interested.

      A big kiss!

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